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My super awesome husband gave me a super fabulous camera a few years back and I've been hopelessly obsessed and have driven my children crazy with, "look at Mommy" and "you can have a piece of candy if you let me take 5 pictures", ever since. Here are just a few of those moments I steel away from my uber cute kiddos, and a few more moments I occasionaly get to take of other people...to the relief of my family. I do love to practice on anyone who will let me, so if you would like your picture taken let me know!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Old Sacramento

I have this rule that I will only go through my own personal pictures on chronological order. That way I don't skip ahead and forget to go back. And trust me, I'll forget. But I broke my very own self imposed rule and skipped. Yes, I know...shame on hypocritical me. The kids and I went to Old Sacramento as part of our "we didn't make it to Utah" vacation. We had so much fun and I wanted to see the pictures of my crazy little ones so bad I couldn't wait. So now I guess I need to put some reminder stickies on my monitor:

Don't forget to go back and edit the pics you skipped.
St. Patrick's Day is in there...
Look to see if you missed any more.
DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A kid could think they're in heaven in Old Sac. Maybe not Disneyland heaven, but they have kettle corn, saltwater taffy, ice cream, horses and trains which in my kids eyes are pretty close. We saved the ice cream for last as a bribe to be good. As for me, I just love walking around and looking at all the amazing buildings and the wood walkways. And you can't leave Old Sac without stopping in at the Railroad Museum. They have actual full size trains inside. Some you can climb on and walk through. One even jiggles around a bit so it feels like you could be riding somewhere, but when we left it, we were still in the museum. We spent all kinds of time downstairs looking at these feats of engineering, then headed upstairs to the toys. There are toy trains all over the place, but the best part is a huge working display that you could press buttons to control. The sun even sets and rises in that train world behind the glass. But enough of my rambling, on to some pics...
J's first time playing with a Jack-in-the-Box

My favorite pic of the day

My dad discovered the goodness of kettle corn, but for some reason

didn't want his picture taken with the delicious treat.My mom

Self Portrait. There was a mirror in the ceiling
of the elevator in the Railroad Museum.

This train was HUMONGUS!!!

Doesn't she look adorably sweet? The bribe
And last but not least, an actual picture of my kids together. It's a mirical!


Michael said...

You have some amazing talent!! Great photos!!

Peter said...

You are awesome. You should really post more frequently. Not that I should talk.