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My super awesome husband gave me a super fabulous camera a few years back and I've been hopelessly obsessed and have driven my children crazy with, "look at Mommy" and "you can have a piece of candy if you let me take 5 pictures", ever since. Here are just a few of those moments I steel away from my uber cute kiddos, and a few more moments I occasionaly get to take of other people...to the relief of my family. I do love to practice on anyone who will let me, so if you would like your picture taken let me know!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heat Wave

It has been a really nice, cool spring and I love this kind of weather. But we have had one heat wave, and when that heat wave came we discovered our a/c was broken! Aaahh! So the a/c repair guy couldn't come on that first day (lots of other people must have discovered their broken a/c on the same day), but he came by the next evening for the 17th appointment of his day. And you know when it's really hot all day long and then starts to just cool off a tad little bit in the shade outside, but your house is still cookin' hot so you go outside in search of even the smallest respite from the heat?! Well that's when I took these pics.

Trains are popular at our house. Although that is a dump truck...

M taking a break after running up and down the sidewalk. How do kids still have the desire to run in the burning heat?

J taking it easy. That's a lie actually. He was running all over the place too.

And a little texture for fun.

Our a/c was fixed shortly after all this running amuck, and we went inside, closed up, and turned it on all night long.

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