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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy Cool!

Half my friends think I'm crazy, for wanting to hang these on my wall, and the other half want to know where they can get their own.

My friend and her husband are slowly replacing the old wood framed windows in their house and I saw these precious babies callously discarded in their dump pile.

Ok, they're not babies and it wasn't callous and they were technically garbage and therefore the dump pile was a good place for them to be. But I think they'll find a better home on my wall.

I hosed them down and was going to clean them up better the next day, but then it got cold and rainy and I'm a bit of a wuss, so I'm waiting until it is slightly warmer to get outside and clean them up properly. I did consider washing them in the bath tub...but then who wants to have to clean dirt out of the tub when I'm done? Not me. Plus the windows will probably have to wait until I paint my wall to be hung, so there's no rush.

Plus my bushes have taken quite a liking to them. They look good together don't they?

Look at that old peeling paint. I love it!


.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...


Shaunika said...

I'm the friend that thinks it's crazy that you want to hang these on your wall, but since I'm also the friend giving them away, any other friends who want them just have to come over and get 'em!

Kayla Moore said...

Jen, you are amazing. Whenever you do a project it always turns out cool. I cant wait to see them done!