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My super awesome husband gave me a super fabulous camera a few years back and I've been hopelessly obsessed and have driven my children crazy with, "look at Mommy" and "you can have a piece of candy if you let me take 5 pictures", ever since. Here are just a few of those moments I steel away from my uber cute kiddos, and a few more moments I occasionaly get to take of other people...to the relief of my family. I do love to practice on anyone who will let me, so if you would like your picture taken let me know!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

John Muir. Lots and lots of John Muir.

We went on a little day-cation with out friends Trent, Kristyn and Sammy. It was tons of fun and I think we should do something like this every weekend.

But Nathan disagrees.

With the every weekend part, not the it was so much fun part.

We started our day by driving over the hill to John Muir's house. I LOVE old houses. I want to live in one. One that has new plumbing and electrical and central heating and air. Is that too much to ask?

It had been raining for days before this. Can you tell my kids aren't use to sunlight?

Isn't it pretty? And look at the top...it's a bell tower! The kids ventured up the long steep stairs in the attic and rang the bell.

And this is why I love old houses.

Character! Details! Stuff that makes you say, Wow, look at that! This is the door between the kitchen and dining room.

These are the people.

He's scary ;o)

This is Sam.

She's adorable.

This is my kid.

He has chapped lips.

This is my big girl.

She is the King of Legendary.

I don't know what that means either.

And this is my baby girl. (And me too.)

She is nothing but sweet.

And these are the grounds. They raised fruit trees on the property and apparently did very well in that department. I didn't catch exactly what kind of fruit because I had to take the baby out before the intro movie ended at the beginning of our tour.

And these are playful squirrels. Or maybe they were fighting.

Any which way, they made a very loud ruckus chasing each other around.

I believe this was the winner of the game/fight.

This path leads down to the carriage shed...

...past some pretty trees...

And on to an adobe house on the other side of the property.

Because my kids are kids, they needed a potty break. Nathan took them while the rest of us enjoyed the first day of sunshine in weeks.

Then we were united again.

Remember my goal of taking more pictures of me with my kids? Well, I've added an addendum to that. I will take (or have other people take) more pictures of me with my kids and us as a whole entire family.

Goodbye John Muir's old house. We think you're great!

Up next...Muir Woods.

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Peter said...

I've told my family about that house. I haven't been there since Allie was the Petrini's nanny. Maybe next time we're out your way...