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My super awesome husband gave me a super fabulous camera a few years back and I've been hopelessly obsessed and have driven my children crazy with, "look at Mommy" and "you can have a piece of candy if you let me take 5 pictures", ever since. Here are just a few of those moments I steel away from my uber cute kiddos, and a few more moments I occasionaly get to take of other people...to the relief of my family. I do love to practice on anyone who will let me, so if you would like your picture taken let me know!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 6th!

My kid turned 6!


One third of his childhood is complete.

Already. (I'm making a sad pouty face right now.)

We brought cupcakes to school.

And he got a butterfly garden which he was totally stoked about. Who needs toys when you can grow your own bugs?

It's been amazing watching my baby grow into a big kid. He is honestly the most curious, questioning, analyzing and charmer of a kid I know and I love it!

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