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My super awesome husband gave me a super fabulous camera a few years back and I've been hopelessly obsessed and have driven my children crazy with, "look at Mommy" and "you can have a piece of candy if you let me take 5 pictures", ever since. Here are just a few of those moments I steel away from my uber cute kiddos, and a few more moments I occasionaly get to take of other people...to the relief of my family. I do love to practice on anyone who will let me, so if you would like your picture taken let me know!

Monday, March 3, 2008


This Sunday J realized that Dad doesn't wear a clip on tie to church, therefore, J didn't want to wear a clip on either. So N hooked him up with a man sized "tie-tie" and I had to steal a few pics.

No Mom, don't take my picture! -Actually it was just really sunny, which my whitey son could use a little of...

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